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Gluck's Flowers performance

3 May 2024 to 4 May 2024


Bristol’s award-winning new writing company Theatre West are delighted to present a new play in the gallery space at THG about the artist Gluck.

In 1930’s Britain one artist is living and creating rebelliously outside of the social and gender norm. Gluck. No prefix. No suffix. No quotes.

A hugely talented artist, idiosyncratic Gluck lived by nobody’s rules but their own, and when celebrity florist Constance Fry walked into their studio with a delivery, a scandalously queer, tempestuous relationship began. This relationship would challenge gender, class and social mores, and was to produce some of the most stunning paintings of the era. It was a real relationship that still feels pertinent today.

6.30pm - Q&A after Friday's performance 
£15 / £10 THG Friends (free tickets for Gluck workshop participants) 
Limited tickets, so please book early.