Arts and Culture East Devon (ACED) is a network connecting the artistic communities of East Devon and providing a central platform to engage, network, promote and talk about arts and culture across the region.


  • A public network for East Devon arts and cultural services such as theatres, museums and galleries, programming festivals, delivering workshops and participatory and music events, commissioning public art, working with local social, wellbeing, inclusion and economic development agendas and supporting local arts and culture organisations and creative businesses


  • Provide support for professional and artistic development, enabling partnership
  • Develop and promote local authority arts and culture-led economic growth initiatives
  • Support advocacy work for local arts and culture services and identify areas for collaboration
  • Share news, best practice, plans and ambitions - aiding communication between arts practitioners, arts organisations, non-arts organisations, local government and regional and national bodies
  • Embed the role of the arts in the cultural, social, educational, environmental and economic life of the district
  • Increase participation in cultural activity in the district, developing a healthy social and cultural ecology which engages and enriches communities


  • 3 ACED Network meetings a year
  • 2 Arts & Culture Forum meetings a year (led by East Devon District Councillors) 
  • Bi-monthly newsletter: sign up

Culture Champions - if you would like to offer to become a champion, please email us:

  • ACED Education Champion - John Astley
  • ACED Engagement Champion - Anna Fitzgerald
  • ACED Decolonisation Champion - Ella S. Mills
  • ACED Crafts Champion - Gemma Girvan

Find out more about our Champions.

ACED Network Members Forum 29.04.21 

ACED Network Members Forum 13.07.21

ACED Network Members Forum 24.11.21

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