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Art Talk: Norway’s Golden Age and Icelandic Art

11 March 2024


A fascinating talk series with renowned art historian, John Francis. These talks aim to deepen your knowledge, develop your understanding and help you enjoy a greater appreciation of art.

10.30 - 12.00

£12 (£10 THG Friend). Special price of £60 for booking all 6 talks - please call 01404 45006 to book.

Norway's Golden Age: The late 19th century marked a defining moment in Norway. For the first time, Romantic painters began to turn to their own land for inspiration. They painted the stormy seas, the towering glaciers and the raw, untamed nature of their homeland. Their aim was to draw attention to the beauty of their country and explore what it meant to be ‘Norwegian’.

This talk will look at the artists who dramatically captured Norway’s people, myths and landscapes. Together we will explore the stunning works of JC Dahl, Peder Balke, Nikolai Astrup and Harald Sohlberg.

Icelandic art through legends and landscapes: Iceland is a country of striking beauty matched by its rich history and extensive folklore. We will explore the art and legends of this special Nordic country. The mystic painter, Johannes Kjarval, a fisherman who became the grandfather of Icelandic painting will be a key focus of the talk alongside the folklore-influenced work of sculptor Einar Jonsson. Together, we will celebrate the art of Iceland and the landscape of ice and fire.

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