Top Culture Picks

Published on: 
4 February 2021

Art historian, John Francis, our guest editor gives his weekly Top Culture Picks.

Moving from sunny California we head east to the windy city and hugely impressive Art Institute of Chicago.

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Iconic Delights

Grant Wood’s ‘American Gothic’ 1930. View painting and video (2 minutes). Wood chose his dentist and sister as models for this portrait. You decide - was the painting a satire on the American dream or a celebration of a rural life that was quickly disappearing? 

Iconic Pleasure

Edward Hopper’s ‘ Nighthawks’ 1942. View painting and video (2.5 minutes). America’s most famous painting. Listen to the informative comments on this masterpiece of loneliness. Like other works in this majestic collection, the commentary comes with audio comments of the artist himself. 

Wondrous Winter gaze

‘Love of winter’ painted by George Bellows in 1914 after a major blizzard hit New York City, is a joyous celebration of this magical season.


The Exhibition ‘Monet and Chicago’ has a 7 minute video, which includes scientific analysis that looks beyond the surface of his 'Hay Stacks' paintings.