What's On


22 April 2020 to 10 June 2020



When we temporarily closed during Lockdown 1, we moved our public programme into the digital realm. The aim was to support our artistic community and also reach out to new audiences.

As part of our Culture + Climate programme 2020, we teamed up with East Devon AONB to share NATURE SHORTS: an online series showcasing art practices which inspire, build creativity and deepen our connection with nature.

NATURE SHORTS explored how we can connect with nature, particularly during a period of isolation, sharing different artistic approaches to land and space. The highlighted artists worked across a range of materials and processes including land art, photography, printmaking and performance.

NATURE SHORT 1 ‘Printing with Paint’ and 'Fingerprint Spirals' with artist designer Emma Molony - more details

NATURE SHORT 2 : Experiments with nature outdoors and at home, finding new narratives and new readings’ with artists Megan Calver & Gabrielle Hoad - more details

NATURE SHORT 3 : Tree exercises to help find well-being and cope with future changes' with artist and tree dowser Gordon Field - more details

NATURE SHORT 4 : 'Tetrapods Returned' with artist Jo Lathwood and photographer Paul Blakemore - more details

NATURE SHORT 5 : 'Air Unlimited' with photographers Paul Blakemore and Karen Dews - more details

NATURE SHORT 6 : 'How to make Oak Gall Inkwith artist Jo Lathwood - more details

NATURE SHORT 7 : 'Song of the Cavewith artist collective Fourthland - more details

NATURE SHORT 8 : 'Mor Plastig' with artist Mike Perry - more details

NATURE SHORT 9 : 'Printing at home' with printmaker George Barron - more details