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Mikhail Karikis - Children of Unquiet POSTPONED

16 January 2021 to 6 March 2021

Children of Unquiet (2013-14)

Children of Unquiet (2013-14) was created with a group of forty-five children living in Devil’s Valley in Tuscany, a volcanic landscape and home to the world’s first geothermal power station. The area has recently become depopulated following the automation of the process of generating energy.

In this film, children take over the empty spaces, recreating the noises of both the natural and man-made landscape: the hissing of steam, the bubbling of water and groaning and rumbling of metal work. It is through their collective voice and imaginative play that the landscape can be seen anew.

Greek-British artist Mikhail Karikis (b. 1975) works in video, installation, performance and sound. He often produces site-specific performances working with different communities.

This presentation will be accompanied by a project developed with local children in Honiton who looked to their own environment to reflect on its past, and reimagine its future

Mikhail Karikis is a Greek/British artist based in London and Lisbon. His work in moving image, sound, performance and other media is exhibited in leading contemporary art biennials, museums including the TATE and Whitechapel Gallery, and film festivals internationally. Karikis' varied practice encompasses video, installation, performance and sound. Increasingly, the artist has been using film as a way to ‘contain, capture, document and explore’ auditory culture. Of particular interest to Karikis are anarchic nonsense sounds – whistles, shouts, hisses and sighs – that are beyond the rules of ordinary verbal communication. 

Coordinating public programme:

  • Art after 1950: Art History talk series with John Francis, Art Matters. 

This exhibition has been supported with loans from the Arts Council Collection. Founded in 1946, the Arts Council Collection is the UK’s most widely circulated loan collection of modern and contemporary British art and includes important examples by all of the UK’s prominent artists. For more information please see:

 Mikhail Karikis, Children of Unquiet 2013–14 video still. Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London. © Mikhail Karikis