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Art talk: Femme Fatale

4 March 2024


A fascinating talk series with renowned art historian, John Francis. These talks aim to deepen your knowledge, develop your understanding and help you enjoy a greater appreciation of art.

£12 (£10 THG Friend). 
The femme fatale is an archetype seminally represented in painting and film. In this lecture, we will explore the curious story of one of the most enduring characters in history. From Mesopotamia and Judaic mythology, the mysterious, dangerous and erotic female has chartered a fascinating history right up to modern times.
The paintings of Eve, Lilith, Judith, Salome and Cleopatra demonstrate our obsession with the allure of dangerous women. Our talk will also look at how female empowerment is portrayed in iconic cinematic 'femme fatale' roles including Louise Brooks and Barbara Stanwyck.