Opportunities to exhibit

At THG, we are proud of our association with South West based artists. One of THG's founding aims is to support both established and emerging artists from across the South West region via our exhibition programme. Please see below our future exhibition opportunities open to artists. For more details on how to enter and when to apply, please contact 01404 45006 / info@thelmahulbert.com.

THG Open 2018: This exhibition celebrates the rich and varied talent of local artists. All artists who live and work in the South West can submit artwork. The THG OPEN 2016 featured 93 artworks including the following prize-winners : Winner - Frances Hatch for her artwork '3 red canoes Southbeach', Best Emerging Artist - Ruth Carter for 'Re-place', Visitors' Choice - Jane Perkins for 'King of the Beasts'. The selection panel is drawn from key professionals from the arts community. The winners together with a selection of entries are featured in the exhibition occupying the main gallery space. 

Evolver Exhibition 2017: Applications are now closed for 2017. THG hosts the Evolver Prize every other year. Artists, photographers and designers are invited to submit artwork for the prize of £1,000 and having their work published on the front cover of the July/August edition of Evolver magazine -  the Wessex arts and culture guide. 100 artworks will be selected to be exhibited at THG (8 July -26 August)

Present Makers 2017: Our vibrant, annual selling exhibition showcases the skill and innovation of craft makers across the South West region.  THG will be seeking makers who produce high quality, contemporary work, either one-offs or small scale production, to show in 'Present Makers 2017' (11 November - 23 December). **Applications are now open for designers and makers to exhibit in Present Makers 2017 - download application details**

For more details about these exhibiting opportunities, please sign up to our newsletter or contact us : info@thelmahulbert.com / 01404 45006.