Abode of Love

East Devon District Council and Exmouth artist, Anna Fitzgerald, are collaborating to rejuvenate a section of the Exmouth seafront, the Abode of Love.

The ‘Abode’ forms part of Exmouth's 342-foot-long flood defence and is popular with local residents and tourists who use the bays in various ways from picnics and music practice, to sheltering from the sun. Exmouth has a thriving artist community, which artist Anna Fitzgerald wants to harness, while highlighting Exmouth’s rich marine life including coral beds, rock-pools and sea creatures.

Working together with East Devon District Council's Streetscene, the team which looks after our public spaces, they will rejuvenate the Abode of Love. The result will be an ever-changing collaborative mural, which much like the sea, will change and shift with input from across Exmouth's different communities.

Anna wants to engage with everyone who loves Exmouth beach and uses the Abode and encourages any local people to get involved. Please contact her: Sea Dog Art or meet her at the Exmouth seafront every Tuesday 4-8pm.