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Art talk: James Ravilious

26 February 2024


A fascinating talk series with renowned art historian, John Francis. These talks aim to deepen your knowledge, develop your understanding and help you enjoy a greater appreciation of art.

 10.30 - 12.00

£12 (£10 THG Friend). 

Photographing the landscapes, seasons and people of a disappearing rural England, James Ravilious, son of famous war painter Eric Ravilious, became an intimate and sympathetic chronicler of rural Devon from 1972 - 1999. 

Ravilious took over 80,000 black and white images of all aspects of local life: landscape, farming, everyday life in the local towns and villages, and their special occasions With a painter's composed eye, he recorded compelling images of the hardships and pleasures of farming communities in remote Devon, a compassionate witness to the harshness of country life.

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Early morning mist on The River Taw, Photograph by James Ravilious, image courtesy of the Beaford Archive © Beaford Arts