Justin Carter’s short film introduces the history of the Klecksography process and demonstrates how easy and rewarding it can be for anyone to engage with.

Artist Justin Carter uses Klecksography in his artwork to help produce images which appear to come from nature, including butterflies, insects and plant forms.

“Many people are familiar with klecksography through its more familiar name inkblot and the clinical test cards which psychologist Hermann Rorschach developed in 1921. Perhaps lesser known is the German poet and medical writer Justinus Kerner who was a big influence on Rorschach. Kerner was the first person to publish a book using inkblots. He combined accidental inkblot prints with hand drawn marks and poetry inspired by the images he perceived.”

Klecksography is a really simple printing method which requires no real skill or specialist equipment, but it’s great fun and helps to generate interesting and unpredictable results. It encourages the materials themselves to do the talking and is as much about what you see in the image as what the image actually is. All you need is some paper, ink and a pipette or paintbrush, and some imagination.


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