Belle Benfield explores how drawing plants connects you deeper to their medicine.

Belle sings tales of the earth through her work as an artist and herbalist. She is the founder of Heartfelt Herbs and Soul School, and the illustrator of the Sensory Herbal Handbook.  

“We are at an incredible moment for our species where, from the microbiology of viruses to the macro shifts in our climate, human activity is shaping planetary, societal and organic systems.  To meet these challenges we need to change the way we conceive our relationship with nature. 

For me, building a relationship with plants through their medicine has been deeply empowering. It has connected me to the Earth, to my body, good health and my intuition. I made this film to share this empowerment. Herbal medicine is a birthright for us all and I hope the film inspires folk to get to know the plants growing around them.”