Top Culture Picks

Published on: 
28 January 2021

Art historian, John Francis, our guest editor with his Weekly Culture Picks.

Moving from New York to sunny California this week, the J.Paul Getty Museum, Malibu hosts a truly impressive collection of antique to modern art.

VIEW  The Short and the Long

Short Delight

A visual ‘reading’ of Degas’s ‘Waiting’ (1882). This delightfully detailed exploration of the pastel drawing takes the viewer on a wondrous journey looking closely at the visual and artistic complexity of this French jewel. 10 minutes.

Longer Pleasures

The Getty Gauguin lecture by Richard Brettel is 1 hour 27 minutes very well spent. Professor Brettel eloquently discusses a recently discovered Gauguin painting and seeks to answer the impossible question: 'Is beauty terrifying?' 


Kathe Kollwitz : Prints, Process, Politics

The exhibition review and slide show of Kathe Kollwitz - Prints and working drawings, is an informative and moving enquiry in the work of Germany’s most empathetic advocate for the victims of injustice and inhumanity.

 Valentine's Day (less than 3 week away) why not take part in a free lecture at the Getty?

 Love, Lust and Libido: Aphrodisiacs in Medieval Europe: 14th February, 10pm UK time. Register in advance for this online event

Unravel the mysteries of late medieval aphrodisiacs with food historian and author, Ken Albala and Getty manuscripts curator, Larisa Grollemond. Delve into the period cookbooks, artworks, and courtly feasting cultures of northern Europe to discover ingredients, recipes, and customs.