THG welcomes Honiton's budding creative writers

Published on: 
22 June 2015

Honiton Head teachers, teachers, governors and parents attended the final performance of the creative writing skills of Year 5 and 6 children from schools in Honiton Learning Community at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery.

INVIGORWRITE!, the Lyme-based creative writing specialists, have led the students through a series of six workshops at Thelma Hulbert Gallery taking inspiration from their current exhibitions to provide ideas and opportunities for young writers to develop their skills.

As part of the Thelma Hulbert Gallery finals, INVIGORWRITE! Directors Janis Lane and Phil Whitehead presented a slideshow of the course, played audio recordings of Haiku poems written and read by the children, and presented Gold, Silver and Bronze awards as part of an INVIGORWRITE! 500-word short story competition. Students also read out their own short stories.

Janis Lane, commented: “We’re grateful for the support of the Honiton Learning Community and local venues, in particular Thelma Hulbert Gallery; Angela Blackwell and her team have really gone the extra mile in welcoming us and fostering links between gallery exhibitions and the children’s writing, which have been an enormous benefit. We hope to work with them again in future.”

Angela Blackwell (THG Curator) commented: “It was absolutely thrilling to see the primary school children draw inspiration from our exhibition to write their first piece of fiction, there were some amazing poems and stories."

About Invigorwrite : Run by creative writing specialists Phil Whitehead and Janis Lane, INVIGORWRITE! Encourages creativity, confidence and communication through creative writing. The company offers a range of workshops for school children of all ages, adults of all abilities and businesses. Janis and Phil have extensive experience of teaching, writing and journalism, as well as running workshops and demonstrations in various community and educational spheres.