Join our lockdown photography project

Published on: 
14 May 2020
Dust off your old analogue camera and film to take some photographs for a new lockdown photography project!
As things start to open up during this lockdown, photographers Paul Blakemore and Karen Dews would like to invite you to shoot a roll of film in your camera. Take photos of whatever captures your eye during your lockdown walks.
When you have finished the roll of film, rewind it back and send it to us at below address for these artists to double expose over your pictures to create some new double exposure prints.
You will be able to view the collaborative work online end of June.
Deadline: 29 May
To participate send your film reel: FAO Paul Blakemore, Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Dowell Street, Honiton EX14 1LX
For more information, visit their site:
Paul Blakemore Paul Blakemore