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In Focus: Tom Bailey theatremaker & director

15 January 2022 to 5 March 2022

This exhibition documents a unique selection of the work and process of contemporary, Bristol-based theatre maker, Tom Bailey.

Creating and touring work both in the UK and internationally through his company, Mechanimal, Bailey's work explores our human relationship to a changing planet. The company specifically focuses on the shifting relationships between human and non-human beings during our new Anthropocene epoch.

Described as “extraordinary… moving and enlightening” (New Scientist), Mechanimal’s work has received awards and critical acclaim for shows that explore bird migration, species extinction, the transformation of the Arctic, resource extraction and life in the Sahara desert.

This exhibition presents a fascinating window on performance and process in creating ecological theatre work, from the rehearsal room to the landscapes of southwest England, to the Arctic Circle and the Egyptian desert. 

Takes place in the THG Project Space upstairs.

 Photo credit © Tom Hatton


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