Current Exhibition


Evolver Prize 2017

8 July 2017 to 26 August 2017

Showing 100 selected works (rather than usual 50) to celebrate the 100th edition of Evolver.

Artists, photographers and designers compete annually to their work published on the front cover of the July/August edition of Evolver, the leading Wessex Arts and Culture Guide.The winning cover this year was 'Model Shelter No.1'. The artist Russell Denman received the prize money of £1,000.

This exhibition is the ideal way to discover and purchase* the work of South West-based artists. Come along and vote for your favourite to win the Visitors' Choice prize.

Coordinating Summer Holiday family workshops to follow - watch this space for more details.

*THG is part of the popular 'Own Art' scheme. Buy your favourite artwork and pay for it in interest-free instalments - it's really straightforward! Contact us for more details (01404 45006 /


Evolver Prize - selection of coversRussell Denman - Model Hut No. 1